You’ve got the regulatory approvals, national reimbursement and you’ve done all your research on the market and you feel fully prepared, but…. it will all fall over if the organisation selling your device just isn’t effective.

So how do you find and qualify the best distributors or agents for your products?

Distributor Search and Qualification

The Australian market has some unique challenges when compared to other international markets. Although the market size is large based on the spend compared to population, the market is concentrated in 5 geographic areas, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, all of which are between 1000km -4000km apart. Few distributors operate directly in all those markets.

We can determine where in Australia your product needs to be represented. If it’s a specialised device used in paediatric neurosurgery, there may only be 4 hospitals in Australia able to perform the surgery that uses your product. Instead of a national distributor which sells everything, you may get better representation through specialist independent sales agents who have the personal relationships with end users to be seen and taken seriously.

Or perhaps your product is an electrosurgical device that can be used in every operating theatre in Australia, in which case you may want as many non-specialised reps as you can get covering your product across Australia.

When it comes to qualifying distributors, we examine how a distributor incentivise their sales staff, the product mix of their representatives, and the overall effectiveness of the distributors organisation and processes.

Distributor and Agent Management

Your success depends on your product being adequately represented on a daily basis.

A distributor may carry as many as 200 products or more. Those other products are competing with you for representative time in front of end users. How do you make sure your product is front and centre on a daily basis?

You need local management representation unrelated to your distributor.

Device Services Australia can develop and maintain a trusted relationship between you and the distributor, making it easy for the distributor to quickly liaise with us any concerns or developments it may encounter in the market or with your product, allowing your team to work out solutions before your product is consigned to the too hard basket.

We’ll work with you and your distributor to ensure your product is being represented with the frequency and competency that you require in order for your product to succeed.