Device Services Australia specialises in the commercial understanding of the medical device market.

We believe too much weight is put onto ‘Regulatory Approvals’ and not enough focus goes into determining ahead of time how a new product or technology will actually be sold, and who the buyer really is.

Of course it is true that you won’t be able to sell a device without the necessary approvals, but that alone won’t move a product. After all, how many investor presentations have you been to over the years where a new technology is being developed, and watch the momentum (and share price) build as the device passes the different regulatory processes until it gains the final ‘Regulatory Approval’ only for the device to be a sizzling commercial failure?

Our research reports are designed to be easily read and understood by the non-medical professional. We assume your audience knows nothing about the market you’re interested in, and we take a step by step approach to explaining the entire device market, how it works, who chooses the devices, who pays for them, and narrowing down the focus to your chosen device or technology.

You can expect to know by the end of our Research Report exactly how big your market is, who will be using it, which hospitals will stock it, and how much you can sell it for. You will know whether your device or technology will be eligible for third party payment, and if not, the steps you might take to ensure eligibility.

We’ll examine the level of difficulty and resistance a new entrant might have in a particular market, how much support and training will users need, ie a couple of training sessions by a company rep, or ongoing attendance every time the device is used?

This has implications for the size of the sales force required and the ability to sell it in regional areas.