The Australian Market is estimated to be worth $US 5-6 billion.Of this, approximately $US 2 Billion is reimbursed through health insurance. If you can get your product reimbursed, it will be a lot easier to sell.

Fixed Price Reimbursement Analysis

Find out if your product is eligible for reimbursement with our low cost fixed price package. You’ll know exactly how much your product will receive, making it easy to work out your potential distribution costs and margins before you file for all the regulatory approvals.

Fixed Price Reimbursement Listing

If your device is eligible, and you’re satisfied with the amount you will receive and want to bring your product to market, we offer a low price, fixed cost listing service. In most cases we can have your device reimbursed by all the Australian Health Insurers within 12 months.Insurers within 12 months.