Device Services Australia is more than a standard regulatory consultancy, we understand there is more to the success of a device than simply gaining ‘Regulatory Approvals’.

Our commercial services will help you see through the often confusing and conflicting accounts of how to go about selling devices into the Australian market. Using our expert local knowledge and network of industry professionals, we can provide you with the information you need to understand the local market, how big is it in relation to your product, who are the buyers, who are the decision makers, what the competition is doing, and help you determine the best way to sell your devices into the Dynamic Australian Market.

Market Research

What is your market?

How big is your market?

Who are the decision makers, and how many are there?

Which hospitals will use your products?

Example – your product is a new type of spinal fusion device.

What, who and where is your real market, and how big is it?

Is it every patient undergoing a spinal fusion?

Is it every hospital undertaking spinal procedures?

Or is your market a handful of surgeons who perform a specific type of spinal fusion procedure?

How many of those specific procedures are performed each year?

Are they performed in only one hospital in one state, or are they performed in 4 hospitals in 4 states, requiring four times the investment in representative support and instrument sets?

What may initially seem like a large market, may in fact be a very small one, controlled by half a dozen individuals.

We’ll keep drilling down, so you’ll know ahead of time what, who and where your market is, and be able to develop corresponding strategies and budgets to allow you to quickly target the sub-markets with the highest potential.

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors have 100% of the market – how do you plan to win market share from them?

You need to know who your competitors are, and how your competitors promote their products. How they sell a competing product in Sydney may be different to how they sell it in Perth. Do they have customers locked into contracts, do they supply capital equipment free as part of a usage deal? Do they lock hospitals into bundle deals or give rebates, effectively reducing the price you thought you would receive?

Go into the market with your eyes open, knowing ahead of time what you need to do to compete.